Breakfast With Grant Cardone

Our second blog post is one for the books. The most valuable breakfast an entrepreneur could have.

On the 10th of August, 2019, our founders Ben Lukacs and Joe Barreca sat down with American business icon, hectomillionaire, best selling author, private jet owner, and considered the world’s best salesmen, Grant Cardone.


Grant has amassed wealth and achieved a life some people can’t even dream of and we were lucky enough to spend the morning with him.

Forex101 donated $15,000 AUD to the Grant Cardone Foundation to have a meeting with Grant and speak all things Forex, Forex101, personal development, personal branding and more.

The Grant Cardone Foundation, Inc. is a tax-exempt, not-for-profit corporation organized and operated exclusively for charitable purposes, including providing mentoring and financial literacy education to underserved and at-risk populations.

Let’s break down the post into some topics discussed on this day:

The First Things Said…

Grant asked us “What do you want out of this?”. Joe and I looked at each other thinking “Everything. Tell us everything. How do we buy a Gulfstream 550”. What we actually said was, we want advice and strategies on how to 10x our lives, personal brands and our businesses.

His response was “Good, some people just want a photo”.
Don’t worry… We got that too.

Forex Stigma & Our Competitors

One of the first and most important points Grant asked us was “Who are your competitors and what are they doing to lead the industry?”.

Grant wasn’t very familiar with Forex so we enlightened him. We also explained the stigma behind the typical “Instagram Traders” flexing Lamborghinis, cash, watches and so on, the people scamming and stealing peoples money through showing fake lifestyles. We explained how we’re the total opposite and focus solely on providing people value and unlocking their lives financially.

We showed him a few of the most followed traders and competitors and he looked us straight in the face giggling and said “They’re kicking your asses man”.

This is when we started to outline the things we’re doing wrong, right, need to improve on and frequency of certain business things.

As some of you may know, Joe (Forex101 CEO & Founder) is “The Humble Boss”. Those are Grant’s words. Joe isn’t one to flash cash and show the money he makes on social media. Grant confidently said “You’re in the money game. If you want to exceed your goals in this game, you gotta show the money man. You have what people want, you need to show that and monetise that. You need to remove the hesitance of flashing cash”.

Business Targets

Grant emphasised the importance of revenue/income targets. He looked at us and said “How much money do you guys want to make? What are your targets?”. We both said a few numbers and Grant said “Which one is it? What are your targets guys?”. We looked at each other in despair as we’ve had targets in the past but never truly implemented ways to reach the targets or realised the importance of such.

Grant then proceeded to show us a text message that he receives daily from one of his employees of the income received from one of his companies. It was an income re-cap from the previous week and I’ll tell you, the figures were mind blowing. He continued “These are the figures we’re doing because we have targets with a team working on strategies to reach the targets”.

“You Haven’t Earned The Beach”…

Burning out. A big question we wanted to ask and I’m sure a lot of entrepreneurs have experienced it, is how do you avoid the “burn out” period and stay motivated. It is such a wonder with a lifestyle as crazy as Grant’s.

I personally go through creative droughts and burn out from time to time. Grant said “I just do something. Don’t dwell, do something else. Keep your mind active”.

We said we go to the beach from time to time and get out of the office. Grant then said “You guys haven’t earned the beach yet. Goals like yours? you guys have work to do. Money doesn’t make it’s self”.

There’s something about speaking with someone that has achieved everything you want to achieve that makes you outline and re-assess everything you’re doing with a much more enthusiastic and smarter approach. Keep in mind Grant is personally worth $330,000,000. I put the zeros there instead of “m” so you can truly understand the figure he’s amassed.

Personal Branding

Over the past 4-5 years the terminology and business of “personal brand” has slowly surfaced and is now one of the most important factors in building anything depending on what industry you’re in. If you don’t have a brand, you are the business or both.

At 61 years old, Grant has mastered social media and his personal brand. Almost 2,000,000 Instagram followers, over 1,000,000 YouTube subscribers, 300,000 Twitter followers. The list goes on.

Explaining to Grant our lives and our journeys, he told us some of the things we need to be putting an emphasis on to build our image and audiences. One thing he said to Joe was, “I’d much prefer to follow and do business with a humble millionaire with kids supporting his family building a business at home as opposed to a kid with a Lambo. Post about your kids. People need to see your life to build trust”.

Money Follows Attention

If you’ve ever heard Grant speak at any event or watched a YouTube video of him, you would have heard his emphasis on “Money follows attention”. If you haven’t, Grant is a strong believer in if you stand out, live and work like the unordinary person the money will eventually follow.

Grant looked at Joe and said “Where do you eventually want to be? What’s the main thing you’re working towards?”. Joe proceeded, “I want to have a building in the city with my name on it”. Grant said, “Well you gotta stand out like a giant Goldman Sachs building in the city that looks like a giant erect d*ck!”.

I truly wish I could put everything into words that was discussed and give you the same emotional impact from that morning. But those are a few brief topics we touched on.

For the people asking what Grant Cardone is like in real life, he is the most humble and inspiring person you will ever meet with a dash of great humour. If you ever get any chance to listen to him speak, go for it.

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