Forex101 Philosophy

Forex101 is a Forex education company that was established to help many aspiring traders learn easy, stress-free and simple techniques on how to trade the markets profitably. 

Our traders are Certified Technical Analyst’s (CTAs) and hold Diplomas in Technical Analysis.

Forex101 lays down the fundamentals of trading, helping individuals that don’t know where to start and can’t afford to spend thousands on Forex education. With our experience, Forex101 is an affordable and reliable education program to help fast track Forex success.

Meet The Founders


Joe Barreca | CEO & Founder

Mr Barreca isn’t any average Joe. He’s been trading for over 11 years now and is a Certified Technical Analyst and holds a Diploma in Technical Analysis.

His passion for Forex Trading lead him to want to teach people and show them the power of creating an income from anywhere in the world. He created Forex101 to be a place where people can be comfortable through out their entire trading career and not have to spend thousands of dollars to learn. Hence why Forex101 still provides free services.

Like everybody’s, Joe’s trading journey was extremely up and down. He tried many different strategies and ways of learning but found that learning from a mentor and with a community really fast tracked his trading.

Joe is Australia’s hidden gem. The Forex101 community have found so much value in Joe’s education and he continues to provide his knowledge through many different avenues.

Joe, Ben and Forex101 have been paving ways for new traders and unlocking financial independence for people one day at a time.

Ben Lukacs | Co-Founder

Ben is the Co-Founder and digital specialist at Forex101. He takes care of everything admin, content, digital, product and more whilst further progressing his career as a trader.

He first got introduced to Forex Trading in 2016 and instantly became hooked at the potential Forex possess.

Joe became Ben’s trading mentor and close friend, then they put their expertise together to take Forex101 to a new level.